Canada – Temporary Resident Visa
This visa is known as Temporary Resident Visa which invites application from Visitors, Business Visitors, Transit, Seaman and Religious Workers.
Canada welcomes tourists, business visitors, students for visit every year. To attain the tourist Visa, the immigrations officer takes about 10 to 12 days for Visa Issuance and assures all the processes are complied for a successful Visa issuanceDuration of Processing: 10 to 12 days
Type of Visa : Temporary Resident Visa
Purpose: Document / Checklist
 Temporary Visa Application duly completed.
 Personal Information form
 Use of a representative form
 Current Passport
 Personal documnetation of the Applicant
 Proof of employment (Letter Confirming the Salary , tenure of employment ).
 Salary Statement for the last 3 months.
 Recend Fund statements .
 Employment Contract.
 Business License/ Registration .
 Letter from the Orgainization/ School which indicates that the applicant have ben granted Leave.
 Income Tax Returns for the past two years.
 Bank statements / bank books for last 3 months.
TRV- Tourists
 Detailed Itinerary including proof of ticket booking.
 Proof of Hotel reservation.
 TRV- Visitor / Friend/ Relative
 Letter of invitation and / or statutory declaration of support.
TRV – Business Investors
 Letter of invitation and / or statutory declaration of support.
 Proof of Immigration status of Inviter (if inviter is a private individual) – this may include a photocopy of Canadian permanent Resident.
 Financial documentation of the Inviter : Notice of Assessment (Income Tax documents) Proof of employment. 3 Proof of Inviters existing funds.
Proof of ongoing business activities between Canadian company and applicant.
 Letter of Invitation from the Canadian business.
 Contracts between applicant/ applicants business, and Canadian Business.
 Shipment Orders / Invoices / Bills of Lading for goods sold.
 Work Permit Checklist
 Work Permit application form with two recent, original passport sized photos ( as per the photo specifications.
 Personal Information form.
 Use of Representative form (IMM 5476) if applicable.
 Current Passport
 HRSDC confirmation.
 Certificate of Occupation for cases destined to Quebec.
Offer of employment or contract for Job in Canada :
1. Duration of Employment.
2. Nature of work to be performed.
3 .Salary to be paid in Canada.
 Proof of Education : Certificate / Diploma / Degrees including mark sheets.
 Proof of Work Experience .
 Copy of Salary slips and Form 16.
 Details on Nature and Job specifications.
 Proof of personal funds
 Income Tax Returns for the past two years.
 Bank Statement / Bank Books
 Property documents / other proof of Income or Investments.